Who Is Your Emergency Orthodontist?

Emergency Orthodontist San Antonio, TX

Do you have an emergency orthodontist? When someone has crooked teeth they need straightened or are experiencing certain problems with their teeth and/or jaw, it is necessary for them to see an orthodontist. They specialize in orthodontic dentistry and have special training that allows them to help prevent, as well as treat, dental and facial irregularities.

What is considered to be an orthodontic emergency?

An orthodontist knows how to deal with emergency situations. Whether the situation is minor or major, if the dental patient feels that it is an emergency, then they need to call an emergency orthodontist.

How to handle an orthodontic emergency

When someone is experiencing some type of dental emergency, the first thing everyone needs to do is to remain calm. There are certain procedures in place that can help them deal with a wide variety of emergency situations. Calling a professional orthodontist for their advice on how to treat emergency situation is always recommended.

Minor dental emergencies

Minor dental emergencies often include the patient experiencing some discomfort and/or irritation. While this may not sound like an emergency situation, when a patient cannot eat or talk without experiencing discomfort or pain, then it feels like an emergency to them. Some of these seemingly minor dental situations can easily turn into major ones if not addressed in a timely manner.

Examples of potential minor dental emergencies include having broken bracket wires poking the mouth or cheeks.

Major dental emergencies

Major dental emergencies involve the patient experiencing some form of injury or trauma to their facial area that is causing them pain and/or swelling. An infection can also be considered to be a major dental emergency because it can easily lead to the patient experiencing a number of dental issues, as well as overall health problems.

Need an orthodontist for emergency situations?

If you are currently looking for an emergency orthodontist, know that we are here for you. Our professional orthodontists can address both minor and major dental emergencies. This means that if you ever experience any orthodontic problems that you consider to be emergencies, than you can call us for advice. It is important that you always have emergency numbers on hand in case a dental emergency ever arises. While we hope an emergency dental situation never comes up for you, know that we are always available to take your call.

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