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Instagram Captions for When You Get Your Braces Off
Posted on 10/30/2017
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Instagram Captions for When You Get Your Braces Off

Girl-SmilingThe minute a patient's braces are put on, he or she starts looking forward to the very day when they get to come off. We get it - it's a compilation of excitement and joy of getting to see the finished result of the new smile and the relief of finally getting to take them off. The first thing our patients typically want to do when their braces come off is to run and show off for as many people as possible as soon as they can. So what better way to reach an audience than Instagram? As your providers of braces in San Antonio and Universal City, we at UC Smiles Orthodontics have come up with a few captions you can use to accompany your new pictures.

Feel free to use a couple of our snappy captions for your Instagram pictures of your new and improved smile!

  • Brace yourself and get a look at my new smile!
  • Just like a diamond, this smile is now flawless!
  • A mouth that was full of metal now looks like a mouth that's made of gold!
  • Freedom at last and it never looked so good.
  • Better put on some sunglasses, because this new smile is shining without the metal!
  • They say true beauty is on the inside, but…you know what? Don't care - I'll take this smile any day.
  • A picture is worth a thousand words…but just in case just a few more are needed: Braces are off and it feels great!
  • New smile, who this?

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