The Difference Between A Dentist & Orthodontist

The Difference Between A Dentist & Orthodontist
Posted on 02/26/2018
When all you want is a bright and healthy smile, you may wonder why you have to go to two separate offices for your appointments; one for your orthodontist, and one for your dentist. If both work on your teeth, what’s the real difference between the two, and why can’t everything be done by one person? While dentistry and orthodontics are similar since they have to do with your oral health, there’s a very good reason why you have two highly trained professionals working on your smile instead of just one. Below we’ll take a closer look at what the difference is between a dentist and an orthodontist.

An Orthodontist Is A Specialized Dentist 

The field of dentistry focused on your general oral health, providing you with care that will help keep your teeth and gums healthy, such as regular cleanings. Orthodontics is actually a specialized field of dentistry focuses more on the correction of very specific oral health issues, such as misaligned teeth or jaws, using treatments such as braces or Invisalign. An interesting fact is that to become an orthodontist, one must become a dentist first, meaning that all orthodontists are dentists too. Dentists can choose to not pursue a specialization and remain a general dentist, but that means that they are not trained to perform orthodontic treatment. At the same time, an orthodontist may be able to perform general dental treatments, but they have devoted themselves to mastering the specific skill of correcting bite problems through orthodontics.

Schooling For Orthodontists Is Much Longer

Dental school is no easy feat, which is why anyone who succeeds and becomes a practicing professional gets to proudly have the title of “doctor”.  However, if you want to become an orthodontist, your school days don’t end after dental school. Instead, you go on to take more courses that train you specifically in how to perform orthodontic treatment and diagnose bite issues. Finally once you’ve completed all of that schooling beyond dental school, you’re ready to become an orthodontist. Orthodontists need to go through extra schooling since crafting the perfect smile requires absolute precision every time, which can only be achieved through rigorous education and training.

Why Getting Braces & Invisalign From An Orthodontist Is Better

If you’re thinking about getting a new smile with braces or Invisalign, you may have already noticed that there are some dental practices out there that offer them to patients. However, you’re much better off going to a professional orthodontist like our very own Dr. Bebe here at UC Smiles Orthodontics. With the additional education that orthodontists undergo, not to mention having experience practicing orthodontics for years, a professional orthodontist is just simply more equipped and qualified to provide you with the quality treatment that you’re looking for.

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