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Waterpiks vs. Flossing: Which Is Better?
Posted on 05/02/2017
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Waterpiks vs. Flossing: Which Is Better?

When you’re looking for San Antonio braces or other orthodontic treatments, we at UC Smiles Orthodontics are proud to provide you with the best. As your trusted San Antonio orthodontist, we strive to go above and beyond to offer you excellence in orthodontic care. It’s our goal to see you end up with the healthiest smile possible, which is also why we recommend keeping up with a strong oral hygiene regimen. A vital part of this regimen includes flossing. While we’re all familiar with how dental floss works, there’s a newer, advanced device, known as the Waterpik, that’s also excellent at removing food from between the teeth. You may be wondering which one of these methods is better. Floss and Waterpiks each have their pros and cons.



Flossing is the standard method when you want to remove food that’s stuck between your teeth. The process is simple and it involves passing a thin piece of dental floss between each of your teeth in order to scrape food off.


The pros of using dental floss:

  • Flossing with dental floss is a quick and simple process that can be performed anywhere.
  • It’s a proven and effective way to remove food from between the teeth.
  • Dental floss is incredibly cheap and easy to find.


The cons of using dental floss:

  • Flossing can cause gums to bleed.
  • Some areas of the mouth may be hard to reach with dental floss.
  • Floss can be tricky to handle at times.


A Waterpik is a new and advanced way to floss your teeth. Instead of using dental floss to get between your teeth, this device will spray a direct stream of water to remove food from the teeth.


Using a Waterpik offers the following benefits:

  • A Waterpik is good at reaching under the gums and other places dental floss can’t reach.
  • It’s easy to use, especially for those who are wearing braces or other orthodontic devices.
  • The massage action of the Waterpik can help improve gum health.


Using a Waterpik also has a few downsides as well:

  • A Waterpik is much more expensive than regular dental floss.
  • It needs access to water and electricity in order to work.
  • It’s not quite as portable as floss.

So Which is Better?

Truthfully, there’s really no correct answer as to which is better. Both methods are proven and highly-effective ways of removing food that’s trapped between your teeth. It’s up to each individual to weigh the pros and cons of both methods and determine which one fits their needs best.

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