What Are Self Ligating Braces?

What Are Self Ligating Braces?
Posted on 02/26/2018
The field of orthodontics is one that is continuously advancing with new, more effective ways of providing patients with a smile that is as perfect as possible. Self ligating braces is just one of the many newer treatment options that have improved upon the traditional system of braces. While self ligating braces still use metal brackets and wiring that are placed on the teeth, they feature a special clip mechanism that replaces the elastic bands that you would find on other metal braces. So what kind of difference does a simple clip make when it comes to creating a new smile? At UC Smiles Orthodontics, we’ve worked with countless patients for more than five years to create new, healthy smiles, and are proud to offer self ligating braces as an option to more effective meet the needs of our patients. To learn more about how self ligating braces work and how they compared to traditional braces, continue reading below.

How Do Self Ligating Braces Work?

As we mentioned, self ligating braces replace the tiny elastic bands that wrap around the brackets on normal metal braces with a new clip system. At the core, self ligating braces still work just as normal braces would; by putting a small amount of pressure against your teeth to move them at a slow pace. The difference that the clips make is that they function as guides for the archwire, allowing the wire to smoothly slide through the clips which reduces the amount of friction created when the teeth are moving. The end product is just like you would get with any other orthodontic treatment, which is an absolutely perfect smile.

Are Self Ligating Braces Better Than Traditional Braces?

Self ligating braces are designed to be an improvement on the traditional braces system, which is why they offer several advantages over metal braces. The first and most noticable difference that patients will see right away is that self-ligating braces have smaller brackets, making them less noticeable visually. In addition to the improved aesthetics, the reduced friction created by the clip system makes wearing the self-ligating braces more comfortable. Finally, since there are no more elastic bands in the way, the braces are easier to keep clean with a normal oral hygiene routine, so you can have a new smile that’s free from any decay when you get the braces off.

Are Self Ligating Braces Right For Me?

If you’re looking for the best kind of braces available, self ligating braces may be the perfect fit for you. To find out if they’re right for you, contact us at UC Smiles Orthodontics and schedule an appointment for an initial consultation. You’ll meet with Dr. Bebe, who will work with you to create a personalized treatment plan just for you, and determine which one of the state-of-the-art orthodontic treatments best meets your needs. We look forward to the opportunity to help you transform your smile, giving you the radiant smile that you’ve always deserved.