Phase II / Adolescent Treatment

Phase II and Adolescent Orthodontic Treatment for Patients in the New Braunfels, Schertz & Cibolo, TX Areas

s-braces3At UC Smiles, we strive to provide our patients with the absolute best in orthodontic care while maintaining a fun, friendly, and comfortable office environment. Dr. Bebe and our highly trained team of orthodontic specialists work hard to get to know every patient individually, designing a customized treatment plan that's perfectly suited to your unique orthodontic situation. When you come to UC Smiles, you can rest assured knowing that we'll help you achieve the smile of your dreams. 

Teenage Braces – a Rite of Passage

Phase II, or Adolescent treatment, occurs once the permanent teeth have finished erupting – usually around age 12. This time period offers a unique opportunity for correcting the smile: the permanent teeth have all come in, so any critical issues like crooked teeth, gaps, and bites are easy to detect, but the jaw still retains its malleability, making it easier and faster to move the teeth. 

A typical Phase II orthodontic course involves using an orthodontic appliance - something like traditional metal braces or Invisalign - to gently move the teeth and straighten the smile over time. Dr. Bebe will work with you in an initial examination to determine what problems exist and how best to correct them, then will design a treatment plan to help them achieve their optimal smile. 

Phase II treatment is by far the most common form of orthodontic correction - so common, in fact, that it's become something of a right of passage for many teenagers. This is because adolescents are growing rapidly at this age, and we can take advantage of those growth spurts to help reshape the jaw, bite, and smile correctly. Adolescents also have a very high metabolic rate, which can make tooth movement even faster and reduce the length and discomfort of orthodontic treatment. 

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