Self-Ligating Brackets

feature_speedbracketsMaybe you’re having a hard time deciding between traditional braces and Invisalign. You may like aspects of each orthodontic treatment, but you may not be quite sold yet on either one. In that case, as your provider of Universal City, Stone Oak, and San Antonio braces, we at UC Smiles Orthodontics are glad to offer you self-ligating braces as an option. At our offices, we feature the SPEED system, which is a self-ligating device that’s made from nickel titanium. This state-of-the-art material will make it easier to operate both the opening and closing apertures. It also means that your self-ligating brackets will be strong and reliable enough to make your orthodontic treatment much quicker and more efficient.

Why You Should Choose Our SPEED System

The SPEED system offers several different advantages over traditional braces, including the following:

  • There are no elastic ties to get in the way. This makes it so that it’s easier to keep teeth and braces clean, resulting in better oral hygiene during the treatment.
  • The self-ligating brackets will also cut down on patient discomfort. Traditional brackets are bigger and more obtrusive in the mouth while self-ligating braces are more form-fitting. This will make it so the brackets will come in contact with the gums and lips less, eliminating much of the friction that comes with wearing orthodontic appliances.
  • Also, the SPEED system is just overall smaller than regular braces. This makes the brackets more discreet and unnoticeable, allowing for a patient to feel less self-conscious during the orthodontic treatment.

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