Aligners Make Teeth Straightening for Adults Easier Than Ever Before

Teeth Straightening For Adults San Antonio, TX

Teeth straightening for adults has become more popular thanks to clear plastic aligners. These aligners give adults the opportunity to straighten teeth without anyone noticing they are wearing orthodontics devices. These are incredibly convenient to use, and so even people who are very busy find that they make it possible to straighten teeth and improve their smile. Here are some of the clear benefits to using aligners and why you should consider them.

The top benefits of using aligners for teeth straightening

1. The aligners are created at the beginning of the treatment

The entire treatment plan is mapped out from the beginning, and the aligners are created in a lab to make that treatment plan possible. Since patients are given their aligners upfront, they do not need to visit the orthodontist for wire adjustments and replacements, as is necessary when wearing traditional braces. The aligners can just be switched out at home. This aspect creates a lot of treatment flexibility and convenience for adults who are very busy at home and work. In other words, anyone who has not started the process because they don't have time for orthodontic visits should get aligners.

2. The aligners come out

Teeth straightening for adults has been enhanced by the ability of the aligners to be able to be removed by the patient. Many adults want to straighten teeth but have zero interest in wearing braces when going on a date, making a sales presentation or attending an important event for work. Since the aligners are removable, it is possible to take them out during these more sensitive situations and then to replace them once they are over. In other words, is possible with this treatment option to straighten teeth without creating any additional challenges or issues.

3. The aligners are virtually invisible

The aligners are difficult and sometimes impossible to see. As long as patients keep their teeth and the aligners clean, no one should be able to notice they are being worn. This part of the treatment makes it possible to smile with confidence all day long.

4. Teeth can be straightened faster than in years past.

Many adults considered straightening teeth as kids but did not do it because of how long it would take. Technology has improved and so have aligners, making it possible to straighten teeth faster than ever before. In fact, the average treatment time is only around 18 months. Some patients can straighten their teeth in as little as 6 months.

5. It is easier to care for teeth

Brushing and flossing when wearing metal braces are not easy. It can take a lot more time since special tools may be required. This is not the case when wearing aligners. They come out and should be removed to brush and floss. As such, a persons' oral hygiene routine remains the same.

Each patient is different; we can help guide you!

To find out if aligner use is right for you, it will be necessary to schedule an examination and consultation. If your goals can be accomplished using aligners, we will recommend them. If not, we have other teeth straightening options for adults that are equally as effective. To learn more and find out what your options are, call today.

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